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Asolo–“The city of a hundred horizons”

Asolo is one of the most charming vintage Italian towns. Famous for its evocative and stunning landscape, this place has been dubbed “the city of a hundred horizons” by Carducci, the national poet of modern Italy.

The first settlements date back to the 8th-7th century B.C. by the Paleoveneti, who established its territory in Asolo due to its favourable location. Asolo, characterized by mild climate and highly fertile land, later became a flourishing roman centre with numerous facilities such as thermal baths, aqueduct and theatres.

In the medieval times, Asolo was first ruled by the famous families such as the Ezzelini and the Scaligeri. Later on it was granted to the Republic of Venice (also known as “La Serenissima”) till the Napoleonic age. The Republic of Venice was, on one hand, able to leverage on the resources of this territory and on the other hand foster Asolo’s artistic and cultural heritage.

Asolo’s beauty attracted famous poets, writers and musicians who called it a place of inspiration for their masterpieces. For centuries, the name Asolo has been associated with all-time celebrities, among which Caterina Cornaro, Eleonora Duse, Robert Browning and Hernest Hemingway