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The wine making process of Elis Asolo Prosecco DOCG is carried out by oenologist Manuel Codello in Valdobbiadene (TV, Italy). The approach allows to preserve to the utmost all unique flavors of grape, avoiding the homogenization of tastes and scents.

A modern soft-pressing machine is used for the first stage in which nitrogen replaces air thus preventing oxidation of grape must. Pressing remains soft so as to obtain the best outcome, which was once called “the first flower”.

The produced grape must is immediately cooled down and pumped into stainless steel tanks under controlled temperature for the next process. After being clarified at low temperature and filtered, the base wine is ready.

Second fermentation takes place in sealed stainless steel tanks (autoclaves) under controlled temperature and pressure. In this process, the Martinotti-Charmat method is used.

This method is famous for exalting the fruitiness, freshness and aroma of the grape base. After about 2 months, our quality-guaranteed Prosecco is ready for you and your beloved ones.